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How to create an emails for new domain?

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Can you fix the below issues for me?

Pending Domain Ownership Verification:

Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Records. In order to create email accounts, add the records specified here to the DNS configuration

Thanks Martin

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Hello Martin,

The propagation of the following TLDs will be updated in different time slots, as below:

gTLD domains such as .COM, .NET, .ORG : 24-48 hours ccTLD domains such as .UK, .RU, .AU : 24-72 hours

Please consider that the propagation of the name servers will be accomplished globally and we cannot apply any changes in order to expedite the process. After mentioned time, here you can find the easy steps in order to create webmail accounts:

  1. Go to the domaincp.monovm.com/customer
  2. Choose your domain
  3. Go to the Email / Business Email section
  4. Click on Manage Email
  5. Manage Users/Accounts
  6. Now you can add your favorite users.

What's more, you can also follow steps by all of the instructions mentioned through below tutorial link in order to generate the webmail accounts.

How to Create and Activate Free Webmail Service

Answered 1 year ago

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Thank you for your quick respond. I will follow the instructions.


Answered 1 year ago

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